Junior Data Analyst

Posted: 18 December 2014

Are you interested in data and statistics? Are you analytical and a born problem solver? Do you enjoy telling stories with data and numbers? If so we'd love to meet you!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Importing, cleaning, transforming, validating or modeling data with the purpose of understanding or making conclusions from the data for decision making purposes.

  • Presenting data in charts, graphs, tables, designing and developing relational databases for collecting data and in some organizations it also includes building or designing data input or data collection screens.

About You:

  1. Experience managing data.

  2. Data visualisation experience.

  3. Familiar with digital products and systems.

  4. Microsoft Office skills (especially Excel).

  5. Fast learner.

  6. Always willing to learn new technology.


We offer a competitive salary. Just as important, you’ll have the chance to work with a terrific team of dedicated professionals working to build a great company and make a significant difference in peoples live.

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