Senior Software Engineer

Posted: 18 December 2014

We are looking to grow the software engineering team within the SETIPE Engineering Division, which is focused on enabling users to get matches, to stay connected with their matches and creating a love within them. We have open contract positions (with the potential to transition to a full time position).

About You:

  1. 5+ years of software engineering experience. You may have far more experience than this - the point is that you have a solid technical foundation and have gained the understanding and experience to apply it against real world problems.

  2. Proficiency with server side Javascript development as we are using NodeJS as our core technology. You are very familiar with the NodeJS Frameworks & Libraries. You also have experience with web services, REST API and JSON. Skilled in front end development including, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript libraries. In addition, you are a polyglot programmer by choice and view programming languages as tools in your toolbox, not a means to define your job.

  3. Possess an in depth knowledge of MongoDB, as well as the ability to analyze and correct poor performing queries and other performance related issues.

  4. You don’t shy away from maintaining a large legacy codebase, but instead view it as an opportunity to grow your skills and to improve an existing product.

  5. You have superior analytic and debugging skills. You are able to work through complex issues on your own, but you also recognize when it is time to seek out assistance to avoid getting bogged down.

  6. You own the tasks you are given, and don’t require constant supervision to accomplish them in a professional and timely manner. You have experience working in a fast paced, agile environment where requirements can be fluid.

  7. You understand and can explain the benefits of an agile methodology to other engineers as well as non-engineers.

  8. Always willing to learn new technology.

  9. And the last but not least, you love music.


We offer a competitive salary. Just as important, you’ll have the chance to work with a terrific team of dedicated professionals working to build a great company and make a significant difference in peoples live.

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