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We understand dating in modern Indonesia

1. Knowing Yourself

Knowing Yourself

Get a FREE personality report to learn more about you and your potential partner

2. Private


No one will know that you’re using SETIPE apart from you and your matches

3. Matching Engine

Matching Engine

Our matchmaking engine will find you potential matches – no need for searching!

4. Secure


Anonymously chat through our system. If you're not interested, simply close the match.

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Relationship Experts

Meet Our Psychologist

  • Setipe’s personality test is based on psychological science

    Our personality report was designed by a team of relationship psychologists to identify your personality type and what personality type would be a good fit for you

  • Support from the team behind Pranikah.org

    Pranikah are 9 professionals in the field of psychology, law, finance and health care with a mission to save marriages before they start! They're committed to ensure Setipe facilitates healthy relationships for everyone

I'm Pingkan Rumondor, M.Psi, Clinical Psychologist.

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