Posted: 18 December 2014

How do internships at Setipe

Internships are a chance for you to learn, gain work experience and more importanly, figure out:

  • what skills you want to specialize in the future

  • a career path

  • whether Setipe is a place that will get you there!

Basic rules:

  1. Internships typically last between 1-3 months

  2. There is a small monthly compensation package

  3. All interns start in Customer Service for a minimum of 2 weeks to learn the product and interact/help members

  4. After that we can discuss where else you'd like to be placed (e.g. product development, marcomm, ops etc)

  5. We will review your progress every month and decide whether to continue or end the internship process

  6. An "end" to your internship will either mean moving on to something else or starting a full time job with Setipe!

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