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Pingkan Rumondor

In-house Psychologist, Founding Team

An easily amused clinical psychologist & lecturer with a passion in curing broken hearts and finding the secret to a happy lasting relationship.



Openness illustrates appreciation for new things

You have a creative soul. You have a strong imagination and love conceptual subjects and thoughts. Opinions you hold tend to be held very closely and you are not easily swayed by others' opinion. You tend to trust your feelings and emotions to evaluate new people you meet. Your open-mindedness also means that you are quite flexible in terms of lifestyle and can adapt to various situations with relative ease. In relationships, you really appreciate the little unique things your significant others do for you. You also have creative ways to put a smile on their face. Being with someone who is similar to you can be very exciting, but has a high chance of being volatile due to a lack of pragmatism on both sides.


Conscientiousness illustrates the preference of disciplined lifestyle

You are detail-oriented when it comes to things that are important to you. Once you decide on a goal, you will start planning on how to achieve that goal. Despite having a tendency to plan, however, you still leave quite a bit of room for improvisations or changes during the journey. Your plans probably are not extremely ambitious, but you enjoy having some level of structure anyway. If you feel like you're at a stage in life where you need to plan more, you should be with someone who is more detailed and ambitious than you.  


Extraversion illustrates how socially active one is

You are very energetic, excitable, and enjoy being in all social situations. You have no problems at all in groups of new people and can easily make new friends. Even when you're in a relationship, going out and being around people is still important for you. In order to have a healthy relationship, you should be with someone secure who isn't easily jealous. Being with an introvert will usually result in some social compromise on your part but could very well lead to a more balanced lifestyle for the both of you. If you want an exciting relationship, however, be with an extrovert like you; you'll complement each other's energy and will usually be the life of the party.


Agreeableness illustrates how kind, trusting, and understanding one is towards others

You are very easy to work with. You are kind to most people you meet and will give virtually anyone the benefit of the doubt. As a result, most people find you to be friendly and genuine. That said, you do tend to trust people too quickly and open yourself up to people who are not as nice as you. You have to be careful to make sure that others don't take advantage of your trusting and helpful nature. There is a high likelihood that being someone with a domineering personality will result in many of your needs not being met, as you will almost always choose to put their interests first. Ideally, you should be with someone who is equally as agreeable and understanding.


Neuroticism illustrates how stable one is in dealing with negative emotions

You are easily stressed and worry about a lot of things; the more details you learn, the more concerns you have. You sometimes go through a lot of effort to make a good first impression and feel like many, or most, people don't understand you. As a result, you often feel that most people can be very offensive. It is very important your partner be less neurotic than you. Only a calm and secure person will be able to smooth over your many concerns in life. 

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