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Razi Thalib

CEO, Founder

A simpleton with modest dreams and a complicated mind.



Openness illustrates appreciation for new things

You are quite adventurous when it comes to discovering new experiences. Your imagination is equally as influential to your decision making as your logical mind. Because of this, you have a passing interest in artistic or philosophical subjects. You often find yourself trying to balance your moments of creativity and your sensible side. In a relationship, you can find yourself doing creative things that are 'out of the box', but remain quite realistic. This balance usually means that your ideal partner is someone who is similar and can relate to both these sides of you.


Conscientiousness illustrates the preference of disciplined lifestyle

You are very detail-oriented and disciplined in life. You truly enjoy planning down to the last detail; having structure in your life makes everything more enjoyable to you. You set goals in life and build a detailed plan and maybe even backup plans to guide your day to day activities. In relationships, you're usually the one in charge of planning trips, encouraging responsible use of money, and initiating discussions regarding relationship issues. Being with someone similar will mean you will argue less about being too detailed, but there is a tendency for the relationship to be tense and overly calculative as a result. A partner who is less structured could be a good thing if you feel like your obsession with details and plans is getting in the way of your happiness.


Extraversion illustrates how socially active one is

You often find meeting new people fun and exciting, but you do not make extra effort to seek it out. You are friendly enough around strangers that most people find you pleasant to be around. Equally comfortable alone, in small groups, or in a crowd, there are not many social situations that stress you. You are a good match for introverts, because you can complement each other. But you are also a good match for extroverts because of your flexibility.


Agreeableness illustrates how kind, trusting, and understanding one is towards others

You know when to argue your point and when to be quiet or agreeable to other people. If this does not come to you immediately, you would think about which approach to take before you say or do something in social situations. Despite the fact that most people are right in thinking that you are a friendly person, you often take some time before you really trust anyone. Your ideal partner when it comes to this is someone who similar to you; someone who will deliberate a little and knows how to pick their battles.


Neuroticism illustrates how stable one is in dealing with negative emotions

You are calm in most situations, but a few specific issues and problems can frustrate you. When these problems arise, you often get angry and even insecure at times. Outside of these moments, however, you are a level-headed person who does not stress too much about life. For a healthy relationship, your partner should be less neurotic than you are; this is to ensure that the few insecurities or sensitive topics that you do have are not blown up into serious issues.

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